Victor C. Alderson Professor of Applied Ocean Sciences & Professor of Atmospheric Sciences
Director, Center for Atmospheric Sciences

Research Interests:

  • Atmospheric Brown Clouds (ABC)
  • Air-sea interactions
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Clouds, aerosols, greenhouse gases, and climate
  • Earth radiation budget measurements
  • Lightweight Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles as Research Platforms


  • B.S., Annamalai University, India
  • M.S., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Ph.D., State University of New York


  • Council Member, Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 2012-
  • UNESCO Professor of Climate and Policy, TERI University, New Delhi, India, 2012-


  • Sumit Mishra, US-India Science and Technology Fellow, 2012-
  • P. S. Puppala, (Post Doc), 2010-
  • R. T. Thomas (Post Doc), 2010-2013
  • F. Bender (Post Doc), 2010-2011