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I am coastal physical oceanographer interested in processes that influence fluid properties on continental shelf, nearshore, and estuarine environments. These include wind- and wave-driven coastal circulation, internal tides and internal waves on the inner shelf. My work is inspired by in-situ and remote sensing ocean observations combined with numerical modeling to increase our understanding of physical processes in the coastal ocean.

I completed my Ph.D. with Dr. Jack Barth at Oregon State University in 2014 studying internal waves across the Oregon shelf and their interaction with background oceanographic conditions. These waves can have a variety of important environmental consequences including the transport and mixing of larvae, nutrients and/or pollutants. 

Currently, I am a post-doctoral scholar at Scripps Institution of Oceanography working with Dr. Falk Feddersen and Dr. Art Miller. With a variety of numerical models, we are working towards understanding how individual physical processes contribute to cross-shelf material exchange in both idealized and realistic coastal ocean applications.