Community infrastructure and repository for marine magnetic identifications

Seton, M, Whittaker JM, Wessel P, Muller RD, DeMets C, Merkouriev S, Cande S, Gaina C, Eagles G, Granot R, Stock J, Wright N, Williams SE.  2014.  Community infrastructure and repository for marine magnetic identifications. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. 15:1629-1641.

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20 ma, Drake Passage, fracture-zone, Indian Plate, magnetic anomaly, marine, north-america, pacific tectonic evolution, plate kinematics, plate tectonics, sea-floor, Southeast Pacific, spreading anomalies


Magnetic anomaly identifications underpin plate tectonic reconstructions and form the primary data set from which the age of the oceanic lithosphere and seafloor spreading regimes in the ocean basins can be determined. Although these identifications are an invaluable resource, their usefulness to the wider scientific community has been limited due to the lack of a central community infrastructure to organize, host, and update these interpretations. We have developed an open-source, community-driven online infrastructure as a repository for quality-checked magnetic anomaly identifications from all ocean basins. We provide a global sample data set that comprises 96,733 individually picked magnetic anomaly identifications organized by ocean basin and publication reference, and provide accompanying Hellinger-format files, where available. Our infrastructure is designed to facilitate research in plate tectonic reconstructions or research that relies on an assessment of plate reconstructions, for both experts and nonexperts alike. To further enhance the existing repository and strengthen its value, we encourage others in the community to contribute to this effort.