Some more things I have learned about being a Professor—Teaching

 Have fun teaching: I hate the advice to new faculty to do the minimum because teaching does not count much in promotion in R1 universities.  It is true that teaching is downplayed in most promotion decisions, but you should still take pride in what you do, and that means trying to teach well. Plus, if you teach well, you will get the best students to volunteer for you in your lab, and you will learn a lot about your field. And if you are having fun, the class will know this immediately and will work harder for you.

Stuff that Works (and doesn’t) about Being a Professor

Things that have been useful in my career:

Give away your ideas: It is really a lot of fun to give ideas away.... Plus, if you are open about your ideas, your approach, and your interests, I think you will find people generally reciprocate. Don't to be too worried about people swiping your best thoughts; just be sure you have lots of them so that you can afford to give some away or have people steal a few!