Indian Ocean plate reconstructions since the Late Jurassic

Royer, JY, Sclater JG, Sandwell DT, Cande SC, Schlich R, Munschy M, Dyment J, Fisher RL, Mueller RD, Coffin MF, Patriat P, Bergh HW.  1992.  Indian Ocean plate reconstructions since the Late Jurassic. Geophysical Monograph. 70( Duncan RA, Rea DK, Kidd RB, von Rad U, Weissel JK, Eds.).:471-475., Washington, DC, United States (USA): American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC


18:Solid-earth geophysics, Cenozoic, Eurasia, fracture zones, Gondwana, Indian Ocean, Indian Plate, Jurassic, magnetic anomalies, Mesozoic, paleogeography, plate boundaries, plate collision, plate tectonics, reconstruction, sea-floor spreading