Atmosphere is a very complex system of gases, particles and vapor which co exists with various spheres of our planet. Since the dawn of industrial revolution, the pursuit of economic growth and betterment of human life, has, either knowingly or unknowingly, severely compromised air quality, so much so that the rate of anthropogenic influence far exceeded the natural restoration capacity of atmosphere. The need to understand the intricate processes and the chemistry of atmosphere is much greater now than ever.

The overarching goal of my research is to gain deeper insights into the integral relationship between atmospheric chemistry, processes, anthropogenic intervention, and the resultant effects on climate and human health. A complete understanding of these relationships will help in formulating efficient and effective reforms to address the global concerns on climate change and human health.

Research Interests

  • Atmospheric Aerosols
  • Biomass Burning
  • Vehicular Emissions
  • Environmental and Health Risk Assessment
  • In-vitro Toxicity
  • Indoor Air Quality