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Dillon, JC.  Forthcoming.  Getting Started With Scripps Scholars.
Georgakakos, KP, Guetter AK, Sperfslage JA.  Submitted.  Estimation of Flash Flood Potential for Large Areas. Destructive water : water-caused natural disasters, their abatement and control. ( H LG, Ed.).:87-93., Wallingford: International Association of Hydrological Sciences Abstract
Zilberman, N, Roemmich D, Gille S, Gilson J.  Submitted.  Estimating the velocity and transport of western boundary current systems: A case study of the East Australian Current near Brisbane. J. Atmos. Oceanic. Technol..
Ludka, BC, Guza RT, O'Reilly WC.  Submitted.  Nourishment impacts on sand volumes and rocky reefs at four southern California beaches. Coastal Engineering.
Wagner, TJW, Stern AA, Dell RW, Eisenman I.  Submitted.  On the representation of capsizing in iceberg models.
Delman, AS, McClean JL, Sprintall J, Talley LD, Bryan FO.  Submitted.  Process-specific contributions to anomalous Java mixed layer cooling during positive IOD events. Journal of Geophysical Research- Oceans.
Wagner, TJW, Eisenman I, Dell RW, Keeling RF, Severinghaus JP.  Submitted.  Wave inhibition by sea ice enables trans-Atlantic ice rafting of debris during Heinrich Events.
Höllt, T, Magdy A, Chen G, Gopalakrishnan G, Hoteit I, Hansen CD, Hadwiger M.  Submitted.  Visual Analysis of Uncertainties in Ocean Forecasts for Planning and Operation of Off-Shore Structures. Proceedings of IEEE Pacic Visualization 2013. 1:185-192. Abstract
In Press
Howarth, GH, Udry A, Day JMD.  In Press.  Petrogenesis of basaltic shergottite Northwest Africa 8657: Implications for fO2 correlations and element redistribution during shock melting in shergottites. Meteoritics and Planetary Science.   10.1111/maps.12999   AbstractWebsite

Northwest Africa (NWA) 8657 is an incompatible trace element-enriched, low-Al basaltic shergottite, similar in texture and chemistry to Shergotty, Zagami, and NWA 5298. It is composed of zoned pyroxene, maskelynite, merrillite, and Ti-oxide minerals with minor apatite, silica, and pyrrhotite. Pyroxene grains are characterized by patchy zoning, with pigeonite or augite cores zoned to Fe-rich pigeonite mantles. The cores have rounded morphologies and irregular margins. Combined with the low Ti/Al of the cores, the morphology and chemistry of the pyroxene grains are consistent with initial crystallization at depth (30–70 km) followed by partial resorption en route to the surface. Enriched rare earth element (REE) equilibrium melt compositions and calculated oxygen fugacities (fO2) conditions for pigeonite cores indicate that the original parent melts were enriched shergottite magmas that staged in chambers at depth within the Martian crust. NWA 8657 does not represent a liquid but rather entrained a proportion of pyroxene crystals from magma chambers where fractional crystallization was occurring at depth. Variation between fO2 and bulk-rock (La/Yb)N of the enriched and intermediate shergottites suggests that oxidation conditions and degree of incompatible element enrichment in the source may not be correlated, as thought previously. Shock melt pockets are characterized by an absence of phosphates and oxide minerals. It is likely that these phases were melted during shock. REEs were redistributed during this process into maskelynite and to a lesser extent the shock melt; however, the overall normalized REE profile of the shock melt is like that of the bulk-rock, but at lower absolute concentrations. Overall, shock melting has had a significant effect on the mineralogy of NWA 8657, especially the distribution of phosphates, which may be significant for geochronological applications of this meteorite and other Martian meteorites with extensive shock melt.

Benmarhnia, T, Huang J, Wu J, Basu R, Bruckner T.  In Press.   Decomposition Analysis of Black-White Disparities in Birth Outcomes: The Relative Contribution of Air Pollution and Social Factors in California. Environmental Health Perspectives .
Wagner, TJW, Dell R, Eisenman I.  In Press.  An Analytical Model Of Iceberg Drift. Journal of Physical Oceanography.
Henn, B, Newman AJ, Livneh B, Daly C, Lundquist JD.  In Press.  An assessment of differences in gridded precipitation datasets in complex terrain. Journal of Hydrology.  
De Groot-Hedlin, CD, Hedlin MA.  In Press.  Detection of Infrasound Signals and Sources using a Dense Seismic Network. Global Continuous Infrasound Monitoring for Atmospheric Studies. : Springer Geosciences
De Groot-Hedlin, CD, Hedlin MAH.  In Press.  Detection of Infrasound Signals and Sources using a Dense Seismic Network. Global Continuous Infrasound Monitoring for Atmospheric Studies.
Bohra, T, Benmarhnia T, McKinnon B, Kaufman JS.  In Press.  ecomposing educational inequalities in child mortality: a temporal trend analysis of access to Water and Sanitation in Peru. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.
Ponganis, PJ, McDonald BI, Tift MS, Gonzalez SC, DaValle B, Gliniecki RA, Stehman CC, Hauff N, Ruddick B, Howard R.  In Press.  Effects of Inhalational Anesthesia on Blood Gases and pH in California Sea Lions. Marine Mammal Science.
Tift, MS, Huckstadt LA, McDonald BI, Thorson PH, Ponganis PJ.  In Press.  Flipper stroke rate and venous oxygen levels in free-ranging California sea lions. The Journal of Experimental Biology.
Benmarhnia, T, Dionna PA, Tchouaket E, Fansi A, Brousselle A.  In Press.  How effective does a Healthy Lifestyle Habits Promotion Strategy need to be to make it cost-neutral. IJPH.
Benmarhnia, T, Huang J, Jones C.  In Press.  Lost in Translation: Considering the representation of uncertainty in the presentation of empirical findings in WHO policy statements. International Journal of Health Policy and Management.
Lavers, DA, Villarini G.  In Press.  The relationship between daily European precipitation and measures of atmospheric water vapour transport. International Journal of Climatology.
Chaix, B, Duncan D, Vallée J, Vernez-Moudon A, Benmarhnia T, Kestens Y.  In Press.  The residential effect fallacy in neighborhood and health studies: formal definition, empirical identification, and correction. Epidemiology.
Henn, B, Clark MP, Kavetski D, Newman AJ, Hughes M, McGurk B, Lundquist JD.  In Press.  Spatiotemporal patterns of precipitation inferred from streamflow observations across the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Journal of Hydrology.   10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.08.009