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Research Profiles

Department  Title  Curricular Group 

Name Division Phone Title Mail Code Location
FENICAL, WILLIAMCMBB858-534-2133Professor0204Scholander Hall 201
GERWICK, LENACMBB858-534-0566Associate Researcher0212Sverdrup Hall 3208
GERWICK, WILLIAMCMBB858-534-0578Professor0212Sverdrup Hall 3236
HUGHES, CHAMBERSCMBB858-534-7121Assistant Professor0227Ritter Hall 228
JENSEN, PAULCMBB858-534-7322Professor0204Exprmntl Aquarium 201B
KOOYMAN, GERALDCMBB858-534-2091Emeritus0204Scholander Hall 203
MOORE, BRADLEYCMBB858-822-6650Professor0204Scholander Hall 207
PONGANIS, PAULCMBB858-822-0792Researcher0204Scholander Hall 205
Total: 8 / 361