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Research Profiles

Department  Title  Curricular Group 

Name Division Phone Title Mail Code Location
ADAMS, KATHERINEMPLPostdoctoral Scholar
BERNARD, RACHELGRDPostdoctoral Scholar0212Sverdrup Hall
BETHA, RAGHUCASPO858-534-6856Postdoctoral Scholar
FIEDLER, JULIAIODPostdoctoral Scholar0209209 Deep Sea Drilling/E
FREEMAN, NATALIECASPOPostdoctoral Scholar0230Nierenberg Hall
GASSMANN, MARTINMPLPostdoctoral Scholar
JOHNSON, ANDREW FREDERICKMBRD858-666-5369Postdoctoral Scholar
LUDKA, BONNIEIOD858-534-1626Postdoctoral Scholar0206210 MESOM/SIO
MORGAN, ERICGRD858-822-1642Postdoctoral Scholar0244212 Vaughan Hall
SINNETT, GREGIOD858-534-9596Postdoctoral Scholar0209208 Deep Sea Drilling/E
SLATER, DONALDCASPOPostdoctoral Scholar0206204 MESOM/SIO
SUANDA, SUTARAIOD858-246-0885Postdoctoral Scholar
WAGNER, TILLCASPO858-822-1722Postdoctoral Scholar
WANG, HECASPOPostdoctoral Scholar0230Nierenberg Hall
Total: 14 / 373