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Did you know that oxygen is declining on the southern California shelf and slope?  If you are interested in learning more about oxygen dynamics and climate change in the Southern California Bight join the So. California Hypoxia Information Center Listserv.   The goal of this listserv is to disseminate scientific information, distribute observations and address questions related to oxygenation of San Diego‚Äôs coastal ecosystems.  We hope to connect recreational and commercial fishers, scientists, regulators, educators and other interested people. If you wish to stay informed electronically add yourself to the list.  Please go to and fill out the subscription section.


Sponsored by L. Levin, E. Parnell and M. Navarro,

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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This email list is intended for Southern California ocean-related information and is open to anyone (regardless of group affiliation). Postings generally include notices of upcoming events or meetings, data availability, oxygen reports and publications, and information about changes in oxygen conditions. We hope to avoid long discussions, and keep the message volume manageable.

There are three basic rules for the list:

1. messages should be relevant to oxygen conditions in Southern California waters (but information about other locations is welcome)

2. non-commercial messages only, and

3. be polite.


The list will only accept messages from e-mail addresses that are subscribed to the list, so if you have more than one e-mail address, choose the one from which you might want to send messages.

If you are interested in oxygen in the southern California region, consider joining the Hypoxia Information Listserv

Please go to and fill out the subscription section