Research Interests

  • Hydrologic Optics
  • Optical Remote Sensing of Inland and Ocean Waters
  • Remote Sensing Inversion Algorithms
  • Radiative Transfer of Ocean
  • Inelastic Processes in the Ocean

My general interest falls in understanding how light propagates in the water, including open ocean, coastal, lake, and estuarine waters. By utilizing hydrologic optics as a tool, I am attempting to understand the biogeochemical processes, energy balance, and other aquatic sciences in the aquatic ecosystems using optical approaches.

I have been making efforts on field measurements of optical properties of ocean and lake waters, laboratory measurements of optical and biogeochemical parameters, development of optical remote sensing algorithms to monitor water constituents, radiative transfer modeling to understand impacts of elastic and inelastic processes, and pelagic animals' vision and camouflage. My ultimate research goal is to contribute to the aquatic sciences through computer modeling and various optical platforms such as satellite, airborne, field, and laboratory instruments.


  • PhD majoring in Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, 2016
    • Dissertation: Characterization of distinctive features of oceanic light fields associated with inelastic radiative processes in the near-surface, euphotic, and mesopelagic layers
  • M. S. majoring in Earth Science, Indiana University, 2011
    • Thesis: A transferable bio-optical model for quantification of inland water cyanobacterial pigments
  • B. S. majoring in Geographical Information Science, Wuhan University (China), 2009
    • Thesis: Modeling and monitoring 3D objects on Google SketchUp (in Chinese)