NewWave: New challenges in internal wave dynamics


Our goal in this interdisciplinary workshop is to familiarize physicists and atmosphere/ocean scientists  with ongoing research outside of their field, and possibly fertilize new work between those groups. The half-day sessions will be organized as follows :

  • Internal waves : physical properties (2 sessions)
  • Internal waves in the ocean (2 sessions)
  • Internal waves in the atmosphere (1 session)

This three day workshop will gather around 50 participants. The aim is to have long survey lectures allowing for a thorough discussion and understanding, as well as long breaks and poster sessions for informal scientific discussions.


U. AchatzD. Bourgault,  P.-P. CortetT. DauxoisA. DelacheS. JoubaudN. Grisouard,A. Koch-Larrouy, A. Melet, A. Naveira Garabato A. Ponte, R. Plougonven, G. VallisJ. Vanneste, K. Winters

Workshop to be held Oct 14-16, 2015 Lyon, France.