Variability of convective conditions in the Greenland Sea

Meincke, J, Jonsson S, Swift JH.  1992.  Variability of convective conditions in the Greenland Sea. Hydrobiological variability in the ICES area, 1980-1989. 195( Dickson RR, Maelkki P, Radach G, Saetre R, Sissenwine MP, Meincke J, Eds.).:32-39., Copenhagen (Denmark): ICES


ANE, Greenland Sea, Annual variations, ASFA 2: Ocean Technology Policy & Non-Living Resources, convection, deep water formation, ice cover, marine, O 8050:Conferences, ocean-ice-atmosphere system, Oceanic Abstracts, Oceanic convection, PNE, Greenland Sea, Q2 02146:TSD distribution, water masses and circulation, sea ice, thermohaline circulation, wind stress curl


Recent observations and data compilations show decadal and interannual variations in the depth of wintertime convection in the Greenland Sea. In a qualitative study the fluctuations are related to changes in wind and thermohaline forcing. Changes in both wind-stress curl and sea-ice cover concur with the results from hydrographic observations indicating that no renewal of deep water has taken place during the 1980s.