Sources to the East Greenland Current and its contribution to the Denmark Strait Overflow

Jeansson, E, Jutterstroem S, Rudels B, Anderson LG, Olsson KA, Jones EP, Smethie WM, Swift JH.  2008.  Sources to the East Greenland Current and its contribution to the Denmark Strait Overflow. Progress in Oceanography. 78:12-28.

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arctic-ocean, deep-water, denmark strait, Denmark Strait Overflow, east greenland current, faroe bank channel, Nordic, nordic seas, north-atlantic ocean, OMP analysis, optimum multiparameter analysis, released, seas, sulfur-hexafluoride, thermocline, tracer, Tracers, water mass structure, water masses


Data from the East Greenland Current in 2002 are evaluated using optimum multiparameter analysis. The current is followed from north of Fram Strait to the Denmark Strait Sill and the contributions of different source waters, in mass fractions, are deduced. From the results it can be concluded that, at least in spring 2002, the East Greenland Current was the main source for the waters found at the Denmark Strait Sill, contributing to the overflow into the North Atlantic. The East Greenland Current carried water masses from different source regions in the Arctic Ocean, the West Spitsbergen Current and the Greenland Sea. The results agree well with the known circulation of the western Nordic Seas but also add knowledge both to the quantification and to the mixing processes, showing the importance of the locally formed Greenland Sea Arctic Intermediate Water for the East Greenland Current and the Denmark Strait. (C) 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.