An ocean bottom seismic observatory with near real-time telemetry

Berger, J, Laske G, Babcock J, Orcutt J.  2016.  An ocean bottom seismic observatory with near real-time telemetry. Earth and Space Science.

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4594 Instruments and techniques, ocean bottom observatory


We describe a new technology that can provide near real-time telemetry of sensor data from the ocean bottom without a moored buoy or a cable to shore. The breakthrough technology that makes this system possible is an autonomous surface vehicle called a Wave Glider developed by Liquid Robotics, Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA., which harvests wave and solar energy for motive and electrical power. We present results from several deployments of a prototype system that demonstrate the feasibility of this concept. We also demonstrated that a wave glider could tow a suitably designed ocean bottom package with acceptable loss of speed. With further development such a system could be deployed autonomously and provide real-time telemetry of data from seafloor sensors. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.