Scripps Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory (SIGL)

Welcome to the homepages of the Scripps Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory (SIGL). The laboratory specialises in high-precision isotopic analyses, elemental abundances and petrology. The SIGL seeks qualified and enthusiastic graduate students and would normally aim to support students as research assistants. If you are interested in the research that we conduct and are considering the Scripps graduate program, please feel free to contact me through the Scripps Institution of Oceanography website. Our main areas of research are in the fields of cosmochemistry and mantle and crustal geochemistry.

About the SIGL

The SIGL comprises six laboratories, including: (1) a metal-free clean laboratory; (2) thermal ionization mass spectrometry laboratory, housing a state-of-the-art Thermo Fisher Scientific Triton; (3) a highly siderophile element preparation laboratory housing an Anton Paar High-Pressure Asher; (4) a Plasma laboratory housing a ThermoQuest Element 2 high-resolution ICP-MS and two iCAP Qc quadropole ICP-MS instruments, with a laser ablation system; (5) a general preparation laboratory equipped for sawing and polishing to make thin-sections and high-purity sample powders and (6) a reflected/transmitted light microscopy laboratory.


A list of current SIGL personnel can be found here. 

PhD Students

Dr. Jasmeet Dhaliwal - PhD Cosmochemistry 2016 - Post-Doctoral Scientist, Penn State University

Dr. Brad Peters - PhD Geochemistry 2016 - Post-Doctoral Fellow, Carnegie Institution for Science

Masters students

Diana Brown - MS 2017

Kim Reed - MS 2016

Chris Corder - MS 2015

Jorge Perez - MS 2013

Caitlin Traver - MS 2013

Visiting Scientists and Post-Docs

Dr. Lukas Ackerman - Fulbright Scholar 2016 - Czech Academy of Sciences

Dr. Kim Tait - Visiting Scholar 2014-2015 - Curator, Royal Ontario Museum

Dr. Chris Waters - Post-Doc 2011-2014 - Teaching Professor, Mesa College

Undergraduate Researchers

Demian Nelson, Bridget Guiza, Allison Kubo, Magaret Deng, Caleb Strom, Kristina Olsen, Courtney Jiskoot, Garrett Stewart