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Schrader, H, Kelts K, Curray J, Moore D, Aguayo E, Aubry MP, Einsele G, Fornari D, Gieskes J, Guerrero J, Kastner M, Lyle M, Matoba Y, Molinacruz A, Niemitz J, Rueda J, Saunders A, Simoneit B, Vaquier V.  1980.  Laminated Diatomaceous Sediments from the Guaymas Basin Slope (Central Gulf of California - 250,000-Year Climate Record. Science. 207:1207-1209.   10.1126/science.207.4436.1207   Website
Curray, JR.  1961.  Late Quaternary Sea Level - a Discussion. Geological Society of America Bulletin. 72:1707-1712.   10.1130/0016-7606(1961)72[1707:lqslad];2   Website
Curray, JR, Shepard FP, Veeh HH.  1970.  Late Quaternary Sea-Level Studies in Micronesia - Carmarsel Expedition. Geological Society of America Bulletin. 81:1865-&.   10.1130/0016-7606(1970)81[1865:lqssim];2   Website
Audleycharles, MG, Curray JR, Evans G.  1977.  Location of Major Deltas. Geology. 5:341-344.   10.1130/0091-7613(1977)5<341:lomd>;2   Website