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Stride, AH, Belderso.Rh, Curray JR, Moore DG.  1967.  Geophysical Evidence on Origin of Faeroe Bank Channel .I. Continuous Reflection Profiles. Deep-Sea Research. 14:1-&.   10.1016/0011-7471(67)90022-8   Website
Stride, AH, Curray JR, Moore DG, Belderso.Rh.  1969.  Marine Geology of Atlantic Continental Margin of Europe. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series a-Mathematical and Physical Sciences. 264:31-&.   10.1098/rsta.1969.0003   Website
Swift, DJP, Stanley DJ, Curray JR.  1971.  Relict Sediments on Continental Shelves - Reconsideration. Journal of Geology. 79:322-&.Website