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Lawver, LA, Curray JR, Moore DG.  1975.  Magnetics in Andaman Sea and Effect of High Sedimentation-Rates. Transactions-American Geophysical Union. 56:1064-1064.Website
Lawver, LA, Curray JR, Moore DG.  1976.  Tectonic Evolution of Andaman Sea. Transactions-American Geophysical Union. 57:333-334.Website
Liu, CS, Sandwell DT, Curray JR.  1982.  The Negative Gravity-Field Over the 85-Degrees-E Ridge. Journal of Geophysical Research. 87:7673-7686.   10.1029/JB087iB09p07673   Website
Liu, CS, Curray JR, McDonald JM.  1983.  New Constraints on the Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Indian-Ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 65:331-342.   10.1016/0012-821x(83)90171-1   Website