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Karig, DE, Lawrence MB, Moore GF, Curray JR.  1980.  Structural Framework of the Fore-Arc Basin, Nw Sumatra. Journal of the Geological Society. 137:77-91.   10.1144/gsjgs.137.1.0077   Website
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Kieckhefer, RM, Shor GG, Curray JR, Sugiarta W, Hehuwat F.  1978.  Seismic Refraction Studies of Sunda Trench and Forearc Basin. Transactions-American Geophysical Union. 59:1184-1184.Website
Kieckhefer, RM, Shor GG, Curray JR, Sugiarta W, Hehuwat F.  1980.  Seismic Refraction Studies of the Sunda Trench and Fore-Arc Basin. Journal of Geophysical Research. 85:863-889.   10.1029/JB085iB02p00863   Website
Kolla, V, Moore DG, Curray JR.  1976.  Recent Bottom-Current Activity in Deep Western Bay of Bengal. Marine Geology. 21:255-270.   10.1016/0025-3227(76)90010-4   Website