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Einsele, G, Gieskes JM, Curray J, Moore DM, Aguayo E, Aubry MP, Fornari D, Guerrero J, Kastner M, Kelts K, Lyle M, Matoba Y, Molinacruz A, Niemitz J, Rueda J, Saunders A, Schrader H, Simoneit B, Vacquier V.  1980.  Intrusion of Basaltic Sills into Highly Porous Sediments, and Resulting Hydrothermal Activity. Nature. 283:441-445.   10.1038/283441a0   Website
Emery, KO, Dietz RS, Kuhn GG, Curray JR.  1986.  Shepard,Francis,Parker (1897-1985). Aapg Bulletin-American Association of Petroleum Geologists. 70:331-333.Website