Origin of beach ridges: Comment

Curray, JR.  1996.  Origin of beach ridges: Comment. Marine Geology. 136:121-125.

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Tanner (1995) has proposed that most common strand plain sandy beach ridges (his swash-built type) have been formed by a sea level rise-and-fall couplet of 5-30 cm, with a periodicity which is most commonly 30-60 years, but which ranges from as little as 3 to as much as 60 years. While such a mechanism could perhaps apply to beach ridges in lakes, if sea level has fluctuated with such regularity for the past several thousand years, all open ocean beach ridge periodicities should be the same, and furthermore this sea level signal would surely have been detected by physical oceanographers. Curray et al. (1969) described a strand plain of several hundred beach ridges on the western Mexican coast with cyclic formation of ridges varying from 12.2 to 16.5 years. The mechanism of formation invoked was periodic building of offshore bars to above sea level after sufficient sand had been transported into the area and during an optimal combination of oceanographic conditions.