Changing Your Research Interests & Degrees

Getting Started Guide

Changing Your Research Interests & Degrees

The home page of your Research Profile shows your research interests and degrees and potentially other information pulled from your existing online profile.

    • First, you must be logged in.
      1. Open a browser, and access your Research Profile ([your username here])
      2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Login”
      3. Click “Login using UCSD Single Sign-On”, and enter your username and password
      4. You will now see additional options for editing and adding content to your Scripps Scholars site.

        The Admin menu appears at the top of the page, and provides access to the “back-end” of the site.

        In addition, you will see a few new options at the top of the content section in the middle of the website.
    • Second, mouse over the content area in the middle of the page to make this little widget button show up. Click on the button, then click on "Configure."
    • Third, when the next screen pops up, click on "Edit Post."

  • This will bring up a page with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor where you can make changes to your copy.


  • Then click "Save."
  • scripss_scholars_configure.gif
  • scripps_scholars_editpost.gif
  • url_path_settings.gif
  • urlpath.gif
  • edit_home_page.gif