User Guide: Adding Webpages

Getting Started Guide

Adding Pages

The standard Scripps Scholars site lists publications, classes, a biography, and contact information, but you can add more.

For example, you can create a page for your research project(s), or a description of the equipment you use. 

To Add Pages

  1. Open a browser, and access your Scripps Scholars website ([your username here])
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Login”
  3. Click “Login using UCSD Single Sign-On”, and enter your username and password
  4. You will now see additional options for editing and adding content to your Scripps Scholars site.

    The Admin menu appears at the top of the page, and provides access to the “back-end” of the site.

    In addition, you will see a few new options at the top of the content section in the middle of the website.
  5. To create a new page, click "add new" and select "Add Page"
  6. Complete the webform to submit content for the website
    • Title: Labels the content. In this case, the title is User Guide: Adding Pages. The title appears at the top of the page and in the browser window.
    • Body: Main content for the page. You can use the in-page editor to add formatting.

      Here are a few key functions you can perform using this toolbar:
      Expand the in-page editor to a full-screen view
      Insert an image into body at the current position of the cursor
      Insert a document into the body (i.e. a PDF) at the current position of the cursor
      Convert selected text into a clickable link
      Tip: instead of typing in a URL in the pop-up window, open a new browser window, navigate to the destination webpage, then copy the URL. Paste this into the pop-up window when setting up a link to ensure no typos (and fewer broken links)
      Insert a table into the body at the current position of the cursor
      Convert the selected text into superscript or subscript
      The very useful Undo and Redo functions
  7. Advanced Options: These advanced options allow you to finesse how the page is presented on the Scripps Scholars site. Here is information about the most common options to configure:
    • Menu Settings: Configures where the page is displayed on the Scripps Scholars site. To setup the page to display under "Classes" in the navigation on the left, select "Primary Menu" AND type the link title (text to display in the menu).
    • Publishing Options: By default, all new pages are published, which means once you click "Save," the page is available to the public.
      To save a page as a draft, unclick "Published" prior to clicking "Save." The page will be displayed to you with a pink background color, which is a visual cue that the page is not publicly available.
    • URL Path Settings: To customize the final web address of this page, unclick "Automatic alias," and enter the desired URL.
      NOTE: all custom aliases should begin with your username (i.e. triton/content-title).
      DO NOT use spaces or special characters in the alias.
  8. When you have completed the webform, click "Save"