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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where did this system come from?
Research Profiles uses the Open Scholar software developed at Harvard to allow scholars to develop and manage their own sites. The template and some of the details have been adapted for Scripps's needs.
Will this replace my personal or lab site?
Scholars sites are intended to provide a standardized, easy-to-manage profile that will make it easier for other people to find you and your research. A Scholars site can replace a small personal page, but we recommend using one of our WordPress sites to manage the web presence for a lab, group, or project.
How frequently are the publications updated?
Publication lists will be updated at least monthly. We have a search running on Web of Science to notify the Scholars team as new Scripps-related work is published.
Why can't I change the classes information listed on the Classes page?
The information about classes you have taught over the previous three years is automatically pulled from the upper-campus database. The good news is that means you won't have to worry about updating it by hand; the bad news is you can't edit it.
Can I use my Research Profile to manage my classes?
Open Scholar wasn't intended for class management, so it doesn't have the tools you might want for interacting with students. However, we expect to be able to develop better options as part of the new Scripps site. You can use your Scripps Scholars site to:
  • Share announcements or blog entries
  • Link to your course management site (from your left-hand navigation or elsewhere)
  • Create supplementary pages with course links (such as this page by Sarah Gille).
If you have questions, please email or call Jeff Dillon at 534-9616
Who do I contact for more help?
You can contact the Scripps Scholars development team at