Getting Started Guide: Basics


Scripps Scholars Research Profiles are intended to be a dynamic guide to Scripps researchers by providing easy-to-find, easy-to-update personal websites.

We set up and populate your basic site for you, featuring:

  • Your title and contact information (as listed in Blink)
  • Your photo (from Scripps Oceanography files or other sources)
  • Your publications list (created from your bibliography) NOTE: Please do not load PDFs of articles with copyright restrictions onto your Research Profile
  • Your class list (if you have been teaching)

Once we have set up your Research Profile, it will be available at{username}, based on your unique UC San Diego email address. If your address is, your username will be jtriton and your site will be

You can log in to edit your site (using your UCSD login) from the Research Profiles home page or the bottom left corner of your profile pages.

Your site will not be public until you tell us it is ready to go.

Please review your Research Profile:

  • Verify that we’ve loaded all your publications
  • Verify your classes
  • Verify your contact information
  • Add new publications (or let us know about them)

 Samples of developed Research Profiles

Cathy Constable