The role of initial conditions in flow stability with an application to modons

Carnevale, GF, Vallis GK, Purini R, Briscolini M.  1988.  The role of initial conditions in flow stability with an application to modons. Physics of Fluids. 31:2567-2572.

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Lyapunov stability arguments may be used to show that an otherwise unstable flow can be stabilized by restriction of the class of possible perturbations. It is shown that, in general, such a restriction applied only to the initial perturbation does not imply stability for dynamics on the entire phase space nor does it necessarily imply a delay of the onset of instability. As a result, proofs of linear stability based on a restriction of the initial perturbation actually are not valid. In particular, certain criteria for the stability of modons given by Pierini [Dyn. Atmos. Oceans 9, 273 (1985)] and Swaters [Phys. Fluids 29, 1419 (1986)] and synthesized by Flierl [Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech. 19, 493 (1987)] do not, in fact, ensure stability. A model is used to demonstrate that these stability criteria do not preclude instantaneous onset of linear instability. The model also demonstrates that, although conservation of energy and enstrophy implies that the transfer of energy in an instability must be to scales both larger and smaller than the modon scale, the principal direction of transfer remains undetermined.