A Candidate Cyberinfrastructure for the NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative

Orcutt, JA, Vernon FL, Arrott M, Chave AD.  2007.  A Candidate Cyberinfrastructure for the NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative. ( Orcutt JA, Ed.).: American Geophysical Union, 2000 Florida Ave., N.W. Washington DC 20009 USA, [URL:http://www.agu.org]


Architecture, ASFA 2: Ocean Technology Policy & Non-Living Resources, IN31A-06, M2 551.5:General (551.5), Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts, Oceanographic equipment, Q2 02101:General works, Quality assurance, Sensors


We will describe a candidate cyberinfrastructure for the NSF Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction project termed the Ocean Observatories Initiative. The system architecture departs substantially from earlier models in dealing with real-time data streams (not files), real-time workflow quality assurance and modeling/analysis, and the use of the knowledge developed in controlling the attached, real-time sensor network. The middleware, which facilitates these interactions, also provides the capability to support many separate virtual observatories developed to meet individual scientists needs. This transformative approach to scientific interaction with the ocean environment marks the beginning of a new epoch of the instrumented or digital Earth with a globally accessible continuous signal representing the now state of the Earth system. The data and inferred knowledge informs our understanding of the past, present, and predicted future of Earth systems as the observed signal grows exponentially for the foreseeable future.