Research Interests

I am a PhD Candidate in Richard Norris's lab. I specialize in ichthyoliths - the tiny fossil fish teeth and shark scales preserved in the marine fossil record. My thesis is centered around developing ichthyoliths as a proxy for marine ecosystem responses to major events in Earth History. In addition, I hope to use ichthyoliths to better understand fish evolution through time. 

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My research interests include:

  • Development of Ichthyoliths as a paleoceanographic and paleobiological proxy
  • Pelagic ecosystem response and recovery to the Cretaceous-Paleogene Mass Extinction 
  • Oceanic Anoxic Events and how they effect the pelagic ecosystem
  • Paleogene paleoclimate and biotic events
  • Structure of fish (ichthyolith) communities through time
  • Modern fish tooth form, function, and diversity as it relates to the fossil record
  • How Paleoceanography, Paleobiology, and paleoclimate interact, especially during the last 100 million years.
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