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Morgan, EJ, Lavrič JV, Seifert T, Chicoine T, Day A, Gomez J, Logan R, Sack J, Shuuya T, Vincent K, Schultz U, Brunke E-G, Labuschagne C, Thompson RL, Schmidt S, Manning AC, Heimann M.  2015.  Continuous measurements of greenhouse gases and atmospheric oxygen at the Namib Desert Atmospheric Observatory. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 8(2):2233-2250.   10.5194/amtd-8-1511-2015  
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Lohmann, R, Dapsis M, Morgan EJ, Dekany V, Luey PJ.  2011.  Determining Air–water Exchange, Spatial and Temporal Trends of PAHs in an Urban Estuary Using Passive Polyethylene Samplers.. Environmental Science and Technology. 45:2655-2662.   10.1021/es1025883  
Lohmann, R, Gioia R, Jones K, Nizzetto L, Temme C, Xie Z, Schulz-Bull D, Morgan EJ, Jantunen L.  2009.  Organochlorine Pesticides and PAHs in the Surface Water and Atmosphere of the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. Environmental Science and Technology. 43:5633-5639.   10.1021/es901229k  
MacAvoy, SE, Morgan EJ, Carney RS, Maco SA.  2008.  Chemoautolithotrophic production as a fuel for heterotrophs in hydrocarbon seeps: an examination of mobile benthic fauna and seep residents. Journal of Shellfish Research. 27(1):153-161.
Morgan, EJ, Lohmann R.  2008.  Detecting Air–Water and Surface–Deep Water Gradients of PCBs Using Polyethylene Passive Samplers. Environmental Science and Technoloy. 42:7248-7253.   10.1021/es100450f  
MacAvoy, SE, Carney RS, Morgan EJ, Macko SA.  2008.  Stable isotope variation among the mussel Bathy- modiolus childressi and associated heterotrophic fauna at four cold-seep communities in the Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Shellfish Research. 27(1):147-151.