Nanoparticle Analyzer. US Patent

Stramski, D, Tatarkiewicz JJ, Reynolds RA, Karr M.  2017.  Nanoparticle Analyzer. US Patent. : The Regents of the University of California

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US 9,645,070 B2


Methods for detecting and analyzing individual nanoparticles of the same, similar, or different sizes co-existing in a fluid sample using multi-spectral analysis are described. A plurality of light sources may be configured to produce a plurality of light beams at different spectral wavebands. An optical assembly may be configured to combine the plurality of light beams into one or more incident light sheets. Each incident light sheet may illuminate one or more nanoparticles in a liquid sample. One or more image detectors may be configured to detect, using a plurality of wavelengths, light scattered or emitted by one or more nanoparticles. The plurality of wavelengths may correspond to the different spectral wavebands of the plurality of light beams. Related apparatus, techniques, and articles are also described.