Current Projects

There are a number of on-going projects underway at the Fluids and Volatiles Laboratory involving a number of students, visitors,  and collaborators and funded by a variety of sources.

Currently-funded projects include:

(1) NSF EAR 1624280: Collaborative Research: Integrated He-CO2-N2 Isotope and Petrologic Study of Volatiles Cycling via the New Zealand Subduction System. 9/1/16-8/31/19; $345,023.

(2) The Nitrogen Isotope Systematics of the Oceanic Mantle: A Combined Basalt, Xenolith and Geothermal Fluid Approach. 1/1/17-12/31/19; $281,609.

Recently-expired awards:

(3) EAR-1014236 (Earth Sciences – Hydrologic Sciences Program). Characterizing temporal and spatial variability in groundwater helium-carbon relationships at seismically-active regions of California. 9/1/10-8/31/16; $288,837.

(4) EAR-1049748 (Earth Sciences – Petrology and Geochemistry Program). Collaborative research: He-CO2-N2 isotopes and dissolved gases in groundwaters of the Costa Rica fore-arc margin. 9/1/11-8/31/16; $244,588.

(5) EAR-1019489 (Earth Sciences – Petrology and Geochemistry Program). He-Ne-Ar-N2-CO2 isotope characterization of the East Africa Rift. 9/1/10-8/31/16; $265,965.