Research Topics: Adding or Editing

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Research Topics and Integrated Research Themes

Update: Research Topics and Integrated Research Themes are now managed through Scripps's business offices (or the Grad Dept.) through the People Database app. Please contact your MSO to update your topics.

Research Topics

Research Topics connect researchers, publications, and related information.

Each topic has a search results page that links to all of the items tagged with that topic. For example, the Conservation Ecology results page currently links to 25 profiles, 18 news stories, and 14 recent publications that carry that tag.

All 75 topics -- 25 each for biology, earth, and oceans and atmosphere -- were developed in collaboration with the faculty for each field and their results pages are linked to from the Research Topics page.

The topics that you choose to be tagged with will appear on:

Other content, such as recent publications entries and Scripps News stories, also may be tagged with research topics, but the process is not as rigorous. That is, you may know that Numerical Modeling played a role in a recent paper, but we don't know your work as well as you do. Let us know about tags you would like added or changed by sending a note to

Integrated Research Themes

The sixteen Integrated Research Themes were designed to categorize research using labels that would be easier for the general public to understand. They are attached both to researchers and to Scripps News stories. If you feel that a news story on the website should be tagged with your theme, please sent a note to Scripps News.