Creating/Editing Your Biography

If you don't have a biography page yet

1) While logged in, click on the "Site building" tab. This will take you to the Features portion of the Site building options.

2) On the Features page, find the dropdown menu for "Bio/cv" and change the setting from "Disabled" or "Private" to "Public." Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit "Save for your name." You will get a confirmation message in a green bar saying "The configurations options have been save for..."

3) Click the "Back to yoursite" button in the menu bar.

4) Now you'll see "Biography" as an option in your menu bar. Click on this go to your new, empty Biography page.

5) Paste or type your biography into the text field, edit as desired, then click on "Save" at the bottom of the page.

6) Now that your biography link is in the menu, you might want to change the order of items in the menu. Click on "Site building," then click on "Menus." Click on the drag-and-drop icon next to any menu item to reorder the menu. Hit "Save" at the bottom of your page and you're done!

Adding a CV

There is a built-in method for supporting CV documents, usually uploaded in PDF format.

1) Back on your Biography page, click on that "Add new" box and then click on "Add CV."

2) This will take you to a blank page where you could add your CV as text -- but it also has support for uploading a CV document instead. Check the box at the top of the page to "Use PDF upload as your CV." Near the bottom of the page, use the "PDF Upload" widget to select and upload your CV. Hit save.

Your Biography page will now have a link at the top to "Download CV: PDF"

If you want to link to your CV directly in your menu, you can copy the link, then navigate back to that Menus page and use the "Add link" option to add an external link, pasting in the URL to your CV instead of an outside link. However, if you update your CV file, you'll also need to remove the menu item (since it links directly to the PDF) and then create a new one with the new URL.

Working with an existing Biography page and troubleshooting

If you have an existing Biography or a CV, you can edit it by navigating to the existing page, clicking on the Admin link, and selecting "Edit CV" or "Edit," which will give you a page when you can update your information through the standard text-editing interface.

NOTE: One issue some users have is that the system won't let them save their changes because "The path is already in use." This is an issue that affects some pages created when Scripps Scholars research profiles were first generated in 2012. Unfortunately the only fix is to use the Admin link noted above to "Delete" the biography and then follow the steps above to create a new one; the new page will not have the path issues of the vintage page.

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