Changing Your Profile Photo

Getting Started Guide

Changing Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo shows up at the top left-hand corner of your profile pages.

To change your photo:

  1. Prepare your replacement image:
    • The image that is displayed on your profile pages is 180 pixels by 140 pixels, but you can upload a larger photo or differently-proportioned photo and choose which part to crop into that display area.
    • Your cimage can be a jpg or a png.
    • If you don't have a suitable profile photo, the Scripps Communications Office can shoot one for you.
  2. While logged in to Research Profiles, mouse over your profile photo to reveal the menu arrow superimposed over the top right-hand corner of the image.

    Then click on "Configure" and a pop-up window will appear. (Note: Do not click on the "Remove" option of this mini-menu -- it will remove the widget entirely, rather than the photo.)

  3. In the window that pops up after you click on "Configure," you will see either the option to "Browse" to the image you want to upload or the option to "Remove" the existing photo first, if there is one.
  4. Once you  upload a photo, the system will ask you to crop it, offering you a resizable rectangle overlaid over the photo. Choose your display area, click "Save" and you're done!